How to Improve Your Dogs Diet

Don’t you just love it when your favorite dog just wolfs down his meal? When it comes to play, dog lovers like to give their pets a lot of treats to make them follow the proper basic commands. What we do not realize is that our dog is probably consuming too much calories. Fed him dog biscuits a few minutes after their lunch? Constantly throwing him dog treats when his tail starts to wag? bitpapa While your dog may look cute and cuddly when he is heavier, it can have adverse effects on your pet. This can also subject him to bigger health risks if we are not careful. Here are some tips to make sure that you maintain a good doggie diet:

Ask your vet

If you have finally decided to put your dog on a diet, the first thing that you should do before anything else is consult your vet or nutritionist. Also remember that consulting an animal nutritionist or your veterinarian is not limited to just placing your pup on a regimen; furzly visits to these animal experts will also be helpful when you need to provide more vitamins and minerals to your dog. They will be able to provide you the right kinds of food to give them, as well as the frequency and amounts to maximize the effects of these nutrients to your pet. igaming marketing

Veggie them up!

Remember when your parents forced you to finish up all the veggies on your plate? Even when we were children, we knew that vegetables are essentially furzly good for our health. Our dogs also need a healthy dose of vegetables for optimum health! Some of the vegetables that you can provide your dog are the following: carrots, celery, lettuce and a decent amount of potatoes, or you can also try giving them cooked peas. But before you add that to their diet, you should be warned: start gradually! Giving your dogs too much has a tendency to muddle with his digestive system. Cooked rice is also a dog favorite, but if you are putting your dog on a weight loss plan, you should not be giving your dog too much. Onions and garlic are big no-nos to your dog. Certain ingredients in both vegetables will be harmful to your canines, so make sure that this is nowhere near your pets. pg79th

Fruity favorites

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And the vet away as well! Most dogs are fans of apples. Slice them, moneyrule throw away the seeds, and they can be alternate doggie treats for your pet. Sliced bananas are also a good source of potassium. Again you need to make sure that you are able to start gradually. Do not give them grapes, raisins or cranberries. Like onions and garlic, these also have specific elements that is potentially hazardous to your dog’s health.

It is important for all dog owners to not take chances in what they feed their pets. When in doubt, ask your local vet first before feeding them anything. Our physical make-up is not the same as our dogs and therefore we will have different nutritional requirements. Find one that’s best for your canine! spicecinemas


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