Medical Equipment Buying in Tough Times

Tough Times…Easy Choices. As the government puts the medical profession on notice of a possible hostile takeover, your practice does not stop functioning. Regardless of further government intrusion, as professionals, our Hippocratic Oath has never been under assault (like our checkbooks are!)

Now, more than ever, considering refurbished medical equipment makes sense.

Before I truly understood this marketplace, Refurbished Medical equipment I never would have even considered purchasing equipment that wasn’t hot off the factory assembly line. As you may have noticed, refurbished, used and even discontinued equipment can be a tremendous advantage not only for us, but for our families and patients as well.

Below is a short list of conditions you should insist upon before investing in pre-owned equipment. Feel free to drop us a line and suggest other parameters. These were the top 5 from serving hundreds of our clients.

1. Warranty. Be sure that even though the equipment isn’t brand, spanking new, that there is still a reasonable return policy and/or a limited warranty. Even though you will be enjoying significant savings, these savings are useless if the equipment doesn’t meet your expectations.

2. Useful Life. There are not many industries that have massive breakthroughs in technology on an annual or quarterly basis. The development of a new procedure, tool or process is so commonplace today; we sometimes forget that a basic scalpel and rubber gloves still work just fine. When you consider obsolete equipment, consider how long you may actually use it. Generally, for capital expenditures, you can easily determine the payback period as it relates to its lifespan. Most of the used or refurbished equipment taken out of service by one practice is perfectly suited for another.

3. Customer Service. You noticed we have not mentioned price yet. As professionals, our time is infinitely more valuable that a few dollars. If the supplier you use promptly answers and returns calls, send email alerts with shipping dates and has prompt delivery times, you’ve got more than a supplier, you have a productivity partner. Be sure to keep giving business to those who earn your business.

4. Location. Generally speaking, high tech purchases, ones with complicated moving parts, electronics and systems require some training and support. For your larger purchases, avoid overseas distribution or manufacturers. It is a world economy and some equipment is best served by overseas manufacturers and some are best suited to be made and supported locally.

5. Price. Not only is it easy to comparison shop today thanks to the internet, but it tends to keep most suppliers honest and fair. Once you have established a few purchases with a supplier, you need only check his prices on occasion to insure you are getting the best value for your dollars. Don’t forget to calculate shipping costs in your overall analysis.

Medical equipment can be purchased from thousands of different suppliers online today. Choosing the right one requires a bit of trial and error. Save yourself hours of frustration by applying these 5 basic principles to your decision making process. After you find your top 3-4 suppliers, your future equipment purchases will be as effortless as ordering a pizza.


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