Aruba Night Life – Overview of Things to Do and Places to Go

No need to limit your Aruba fun to the sunny daytime. There is more than enough Aruba night life to keep you busy for your whole vacation, though you might have trouble finding time to sleep.

Bars, clubs, casinos, late night dinner cruises, NFT Monkey live shows or even a simple movie can all offer you something to do every night you’re in Aruba. Many hotels and resorts have their own offerings for night life, which can be very convenient but there are lively venues all over the island.

At least one night needs to be spent around the Paseo Herencia Mall, in the Palm Beach area by the Holiday Inn. It’s styled after an old village plaza, and it’s filled with shopping, dining and modern cinemas. Every evening, there is a water fireworks show that is worth planning to see.

If any of these Aruba activities have caught your eye, here are a few more details about them and some of the best locations.

Sunset Cruises

These cruises usually offer more than just a leisurely boat ride. There is music, charteracatamaraninthebvi food, dancing and entertainment so why not take to the water for the night?

– Holy Guacamole Fiesta Cruise
– Jolly Pirates Sunset Sail
– Palm Pleasure Luxury Catamaran Sunset Sail
– Tattoo Party Boat


You’ll need to be 18 to go to the casinos in Aruba night life, and you should bring proof of age with you when you go. You never know when you might be asked for ID, so be prepared.

All the casinos are different, but most have slot machines, table games, sports and horse race betting as well as music, drinks and dancing. The slot machines are state-of-the-art, using tickets rather than coins. Currency used in Aruba casinos is the American dollar.

Many casinos have regular tournaments, drawings and contests if you need a little more excitement.

Here are some of the best casinos in Aruba, bostonhaikusociety all within their respective hotels or resorts.

– Crystal and Seaport Casino (Renaissance)
– Occidental Casino (Occidental)
– Alhambra Casino (Manchebo Beach)
– Stellaris Casino (Mariott)
– Copa Cabana Casino (Hyatt)
– Casablanca Casino (Westin)


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