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A certified organic cotton crib mattress will create a safe sleeping environment for your little one.  As you get ready to welcome your little bundle of joy, you carefully choose each item for the nursery.  You want well-made baby furniture that conforms to the latest safety standards; tudjononrolavilag you look for toys and decorative items to stimulate baby’s budding senses.  Comfortable, irritant-free clothing is a must, and you search for bedding to keep your little one safe and snug while he sleeps.  But what about the mattress that supports your baby for the 10-16 hours a day she will spend sleeping?  Did you know that most baby mattresses are made using hundreds of industrial chemicals which are known to cause cancer, respiratory illness, turizmuskartya and developmental problems?  Organic crib mattresses are the preferred alternative for parents who understand the dangers of prolonged toxic exposure.

The Chemical Content of a Typical Baby Mattress

Research leaves little fa-ipar question that infants and children are increasingly exposed to harmful toxins from the environment.  While we strive to keep our kids safe and avoid dangerous substances like lead paint and heavy metals, millions of babies are sleeping on mattresses that are filled with a chemical soup of industrial toxins and volatile organic compounds, jatek-varazs or VOCs.

The conventional crib mattresses available from most retailers kiegeszit-o contain a frightening number of toxic materials. The following list describes just a few of the hundreds of dangerous substances present in most bedding:


  • Polyurethane – the foam filler used in mattresses which is manufactured from petrochemicals which cause cancer, respiratory illness, nyilas-zarora and fetal damage.
  • Phthalates – used in manufacturing vinyl mattress coverings.  These are known to cause respiratory distress and developmental problems, including the early onset of puberty.
  • Boric acid – this chemical is a main ingredient in roach killer!
  • Antimony – a poisonous substance which is extremely similar to arsenic; this toxin leaches from the mattress into baby’s body.
  • VOCs – the  volatile organic compounds  found in conventional bedding, including baby mattresses, have  been linked to a huge number of health problems.  These include damage to the nervous and respiratory systems, cardiovascular depression, kidney and liver damage, eye irritation, cataracts, and cancer.

The Advantages of an Organic Cotton Crib Mattress


Few parents are willing to expose their newborns to such a disastrous array of dangerous materials.  Expectant parents are turning increasingly to organic cotton and other all natural materials as the healthy way to welcome their new arrival to the world.  Organic cotton mattresses are wrapped in the purest naturally grown cotton for maximum comfort and absorbency.  Certified wool padding on the inside absorbs wetness to protect your bedding while providing firm support.  Your baby will sleep safe and sound, without inhaling any dangerous chemical fumes.

Your baby deserves the best possible start you can provide.  Create a warm and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one with all natural cotton and wool fibers, untreated coils, ruha-lak and natural latex.  Organic cotton mattresses are non-allergenic and safe for all infants and toddlers.You have to make sure the organic crib mattress that you choose for your little one fits snugly into your standard-sized crib.

Manufacturers of conventional bedding claim that their mattresses are hypo-allergenic and safe for newborns.  But the truth is, hundreds of industrial chemicals are used every day in the production of typical bedding for children.  While regulations attempt to limit the use of toxins in infant bedding, there are so many dangerous chemicals present that it is impossible for government regulations to include all of them.

Give your baby the gift of safe, natural surroundings for this important developmental period.  An all-natural organic cotton crib mattress will allow your baby to sleep safely and grow up healthy.

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